FAQs & Regulations


Q: Do I have to purchase diving insurance?
A: You do not have to, but unfortunately diving accidents happens around the world. In case of such accident,
you will probably need evacuation to a medical facility and hiperbaric treatments in a pressure chamber – which cost a lot of money.  You should hope for the best, but plan for the worst and in insured.

Q: Is there any differences between  “The Pheonix” diving policy and other diving insurance?
A: The phoenix offers short-term diving policie for 5 days only (Valid in Eilat, Egypt and Jordan). This Insurance cost only 99 ILS, covers up to 100,000$.
If you have lost or forgot your diving policy certificat – even during weekend or holidays – we are here for you 24/7. It’s as simple as logging on to our website and printing a new copy of your diving policy instantly.

Q: What kind of certification do I get at the end of the registration process?
A: At the end of the process, you will receive confirmation for your coverage, as well as your policy certificate in a printable version.

Q: Is my personal diving gear covered in the policy?
A: Yes. In case of diving accident, that caused hospitalazation, you personal diving gear is insured for up to 1500$.

Q: I’m participating in an advance diving course. Am I insured in a case of diving accident durint the course?
A: Yes. Not only you are fully insured, but you will also receive Repayment of diving course expenses as a result of a diving accident through which the student in prevented from finishing the diving course up to 500 US $

Q: Is the insurance policy covers non-diving related accident?
A: No. Your policy does not covers you against other accident, that doesn’t pertain to diving. It is recommended to be insured by “personal accidents policy” or travelling insurance, to cover you worldwide.