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Introductory diving insurance - 20 NIS

Diving insurance for INTRODUCOTRY dive for a person who is not a certified diver and is diving with an assistance or diving instructor under diving center who must comply with the Israeli diving authority's regulations. The period of one day and maximum of two dives. Maximum insurance coverage: $30,000

Summary of Introductory diving insurance

The coverage conditions are according to the “Phoenix Diver” (12/2015 edition) and subject to all of its terms and limitations which can be found on the website. (to display and print the policy click here)
And subject to the insurance coverage mentioned in this summary.

Name of the insurance plan: INTRODUCOTRY DIVE - Plan F

Insurance period: One day and up to two introductory dives.
Geographical location of the insurance coverage: Israel only.
Maximum insurance amount: up to $30,000

Details of the main coverage:
1. Every expense required for rescue or evacuation including medevac and the transfer of the diver from the site of the accident to a hospital including transfers between hospitals.
2. Payment for hospitalization and medical services in hospitals including hyperbaric chamber expenses, including treatment by doctor, lab tests, x-ray and every other treatment vital to saving the diver’s life.

Please note:

A. The insurance is limited to recreational diving only and therefore does not cover diving for work purposes, instructional diving, underwater fishing and military or police related diving done by the insured.

B. The recreational diving must be done by the insured in an area in which diving is not prohibited by the competent authority of the diving location.

For full information, please read the full policy conditions  (to display and print the policy click here)

For additional information please contact: IDIVE 09-7457055
Emergency Hotline: 24 hours a day worldwide
Claims – to make a written appeal to The Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd. 53 Derech HaShalom, Givatayim 53454 Phone: 972-3-7338014 (ask for Ilana Penso)