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Insurance for Refresher or Guided diving - 49 NIS

Special insurance for refresher or guided diving in Eilat or on the shores of Israel, and at a price of NIS 49.

Summary of Diving Insurance

The coverage conditions are according to the “Phoenix Diver” (12/2015 edition) and subject to all of its terms and limitations which can be found on the website. (to display and print the policy click here)
And subject to the insurance coverage mentioned in this summary.

Name of the insurance plan: Plan A
Maximum duration of the insurance plan: in accordance with the dates specified above.
Geographical location of the insurance coverage: Eilat or on the shores of Israel
Maximum insurance amount: up to $100,000

Details of the main coverage:
1. Every expense required for rescue or evacuation including medevac and the transfer of the diver from the site of the accident to a hospital including transfers between hospitals.
2. Payment for hospitalization and medical services in hospitals including hyperbaric chamber expenses, including treatment by doctor, lab tests, x-ray and every other treatment vital to saving the diver’s life.

For the attention of the insured

A refresher dive is a dive intended for qualified divers who have not dived in the past six months or who do not have a document attesting to this and is a guideline of the Israeli Diving Authority.

The refresher dive will be carried out according to the rules set forth in the Diving Law and its regulations under the supervision of a certified diving instructor from a diving school authorized to certify divers.